Nurdle Patrol Wins Coastal Community Award

Every year the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation, a local non-profit in Corpus Christi, Texas, honors teachers, stewards, businesses, and organizations with environmental awards for work done to help conserve and protect natural resources. This year, on November 18, 2021, the citizen science project Nurdle Patrol was the recipient for the Coastal Community award for the project’s impact on helping to protect waterways from plastics, creating environmental awareness, and getting communities involved with applied science. Jace Tunnell received the award on behalf of the project, and he had an acceptance speech that thanked the over 5,000 volunteers that have contributed their time to the project, over 140 partner organizations supporting the effort, and to the grantors of the $1.5 million in funds received to help push the effort forward.

November 18, 2021 was the 3 year anniversary from when Nurdle Patrol received the first nurdle survey data point, marking the beginning of a movement to use science for changing policy about plastics reaching the ocean.